fredag 17. juni 2011


En bohem's hemmelige drøm! Et tre i stuen!
Source: www.bohemianshoebox.tumblr.com ( I think...forgive me if it's not correct)
Ja, Bohemian elsker nok å se trær fra de store skoger inne i et rom, for slike bilder er hyppig gjest her på bloggen. Her er et til. Værsågod, og god helg til alle mine fantastiske, fine blogglesere! Takk for at dere kommer innom lille meg!

Yeah, Bohemian sure loves to see some trees from the great woods, in a room! Because these kind of pics are often a guest here at my blog. Here's another one. And I wish all of you great readers a really nice weekend! Thanks for stopping by little me!

2 kommentarer:

  1. omg!!!! so nice..but you don't have to have a dog!!!!! LOL
    big hugs miss B
    No news from Ingrid too...what to do? i am also really worried about her...and the phone number i had doesn't work anymore....

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